Anxiety, depression, stress, grief, trauma, addictions & relationship issues are common reasons that often motivate individuals, just like you, to seek help. You may be taking this first step to seek counseling because you are experiencing some of these issues & feel you have done all you can to cope, yet find things are not changing or improving.

You may not know exactly where to go for help, who the best person would be to talk to, or what to expect from therapy. These are normal questions and concerns. We want to reassure you...You are in the right place! We are here to help you discover how to feel more like yourself again!

Our therapists at New Beginnings Family Counseling are passionate in helping men and women navigate through significant life transitions that can often create unanticipated challenges. We are committed to providing you with resources, tools and coping strategies in order to help you develop new skills and find solutions to the problems most important to you.

We believe that as we work together through these challenges, you will see a new perspective, consider other options and recognize that you can implement more effective coping strategies. Our primary goal in counseling is to provide both men and women the individualized care needed. We want to help navigate the challenges we all face in each stage of our lives. If you are ready to take the next step and live the life you desire, please don't wait!

I started meeting with Ashley a few months ago. After losing my dad 6 years ago, I had some unresolved issues with grief. Talking with Ashley had helped me so much! She is very kind, compassionate, and very easy to talk to! Starting counseling was not an easy thing, but each week I go, I feel so much better; overall I feel much more relaxed in everyday life.
Female, age 25
After a break in trust in our marriage, my husband and I started researching counseling and our options. We read the reviews and made an appointment. At our first appointment with Ashley we felt comfortable and ready to tackle our issues. She was amazing and had really great advice to help us get back on track.
Female age 38 and Male age 41
In my time with Ashley, we have worked hard on developing healthy boundaries. My world was shattered after a sexual trauma, and I can confidentially say I am a new person.
Female, age 22
Husband – Couples therapy is a very challenging experience. Based on my experience, it’s even more challenging when you do not have the right therapist. My wife and I were very fortunate to cross paths with Mary approximately 12 years ago. My wife and I needed help improving the communication in our marriage, but we did not know how to accomplish this on our own. When Mary began sessions with us, she took the time to make us feel very comfortable, as if we were talking with a friend or family member. Mary demonstrated a lot of patience and genuine concern to help us communicate better as a married couple. Thanks to her, we were able to open up and improve our marriage. The tools that she provided us are used to this day. Couples have to remember that the help one seeks through counseling, does not happen overnight, but with time. Mary definitely makes the experience of attending couples counseling more comfortable since it feels like help is coming from someone who cares.
Male & Female; Couples client of 10 years –
There aren’t words to express the compassion and care that Ashley has shown me. I am grateful and blessed to have her on my continued journey through self discovery.
Female, age 49
Incredible to work with. She listens very well, offers relevant feedback and explanations, and makes it clear on what you need to focus on for improvements in myself, my life, and my relationships with others. She also helps you lay out attainable goals for yourself, big and small, and encourage you to work towards them, while giving support as you accomplish them! Lovely, safe, quiet environment- they always make sure you feel comfortable. Very inspiring group!
Female, aged 20
I have learned so much from counseling with Ashley. I am always happy to be able to come to a safe, relaxing place to evaluate issues, and see where to go next to achieve happiness.
Male, adolescent
Ashley is Wonderful! As a client who saw her in couples sessions, as well as individual sessions, I have benefited from Ashley’s professionalism and expertise in a multitude of ways. Her ability to identify, explore, and examine the issues all while providing a safe and open environment is remarkable. I believe her holistic approach, in turn, provides you with the tools and means to be, successful “in the now,” but even more importantly, the long term.
Female, age 39
We first started seeing Ashley a couple of years ago for marriage counseling when we were on the brink of divorce. Ashley has saved our marriage twice now, and taught us the essential skills necessary to work through difficult times on our own. We have also both had positive experiences with individual counseling sessions.
Male, age 42 and Female, age 32
Mary was my therapist for several years after the sudden loss of my twins and then infant son. She was also my oldest daughter’s play therapist. Mary became a lifeline for our family during a very difficult time. She was the first person I thought to contact when my infant son was diagnosed, and one of the first I wrote to for help after he passed away. Each time, no matter her own life circumstances, she was there to offer my husband and I help and needed advice as we tried to cope. I always felt Mary instinctively knew how to help us handle trauma and PTSD from different circumstances – even before we knew we needed guidance in that area. One of the things that meant the most to us was knowing that even though Mary maintained a professional relationship, she also cared deeply for each of us. She is the kind of therapist I am able to encourage others to keep searching for if they aren’t happy in their current therapy. We miss her tremendously and know any client who sees her will benefit greatly from their sessions.
Female Client of 4 years
Ashley has been a great resource to my wife and I and provided tremendous help to our marriage at our toughest moment. She is very perceptive and insightful and does a good job of uncovering issues and being fair to both sides. She is easy to talk to and has good techniques to help improve communication skills.
Male, aged 38

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